Edward Howe
Music is my passion and I am living the dream of creating happiness through sound and movement.  My wife and I have created Sound of Perfection.  Through our company I am honored to play the  fiddle, assist with your event, radio or television production as  sound engineer, create a pro-audio package for your venue and install the system.  Dance to some tunes, whether by my fiddle-hands or through my sound system, or sit back and relax for a concert.
Sound of Perfection
Sound of Perfection
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It has been an honor to work with Ned Steinberger who put his NS Design electric fiddle in my hands.  It is my immense pleasure to represent NS Design in the folk and traditional music scene.
Contra dances, weddings, concerts, festivals
Ed Howe plays in a number of bands currently.   You can find him nourishing his routes in a bluegrass band, pushing the limits as a solo electronic artist, rocking it with a big band rock sound and of course driving that dance line.  Although you may know him most predominantly by the infamous contra dance band of Perpetual e-Motion who gained an enormous popularity for their tight connection to eachother and the dancers.  With the infection of a wild epidemic, Perpetual e-Motion caught the soul and the country.  See below for Edward's band profiles.

Thank You to Marianne Whitman.  Your family's support over my life has been truly heart warming, my life-long fan.  Now to be playing the violin which you put your soul into is truly a blessing.  Everytime I play our spirits meet.  Thank you for your encouragement.
The most loveable band on the block.  Both Ed and Jamie hail from Whitefield a small farming community in Midcoast Maine.

Jamie Oshima lends his talent, enthusiasm, innovation and creativity to Barefoot.  A homeschooling high schooler, Jamie is currently touring with Ed, but don't let the young age fool you.  Ed feels immensely privleged to be making music with such an amazing individual.  Having fun with improv, blending in pop, beat boxing, quebecois style foot percussion, and a multitude of instruments these two guys are new and fresh!  We are excited to announce Jamie has been accepted to Berkely School of Music, so book them this summer before he gets too busy for us.

Barefoot has an energetic take on  traditional folk and contemporary pop & electronica.  Fired by improv and original compositions with long tap roots in New England and Acadien tunes. 
Stage Plot
  1. Playing it Cool, improv - Atlanta
  2. Upbeat, Foggy Moon, Monterey CA
Perpetual e-Motion
Ed with John Cote.  This band, now on hiatus and not currently booking.  Toured the US and Canada as a top performing and revered contra dance band from 2007-2015.
Gather Rounders
Bluegrass from Portland, ME area.  Ed is thrilled to have been asked to join this very solid and sweet performing band bringing him back to his roots.  Ed's first 'family band' played old time bluegrass, made up of his dad and brother.  The Gather Rounders play festivals, private functions and regular cafe appearances in Maine and occassionally New England.
A larger 4 piece contra dance and festival band.
These guys have been rocking the contra dance scene this year.  Two of dancers' favourite musicians in the circuit Ed Howe and Stuart Kenney have teamed up with Stuart's son and kickin percussionist Matt and our good buddy from Barefoot, Jamie Oshima.  Touring the contra dance festival circuit from coast to coast.  Fun and imaginative with complexity and energy.


JEMS @ Pasadena CA Fiddling Frog 2016

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