Edward Howe
Music is my passion and I am living the dream of creating happiness through sound and movement.  My wife and I have created Sound of Perfection.  Through our company I am honored to play the  fiddle, assist with your event, radio or television production as  sound engineer, create a pro-audio package for your venue and install the system.  Dance to some tunes, whether by my fiddle-hands or through my sound system, or sit back and relax for a concert.
Sound of Perfection
Sound of Perfection
Fiddler, majestro of improv.  I exceedingly enjoy weaving in and out of tunes building energy and resolving tension.  Drawing from New England, Acadien, bluegrass, contemporary folk, house or electronica my pallette is wide.  My love for the art is deep.  Music is a feeling not a sound, it should be felt in the soul, from me to you.  A gift of which I am honored, humbled and very pleased to offer to you.  I hope you enjoy a concert or dance set soon.  See our calendar for all my upcoming events.
Sound Engineer
Transparent sound.  Bringing musician and audience closer.
We spend the time preparing the room, exploring the sound landscape, creating the right fit of equipment all before musicians or participants enter the room.  Awakening the room sphere.  We create an atmosphere that builds confidence in the musician, creates happy partners, reduces stress on the organizers and fulfills participants and audience members.  Sound of Perfection is growing our sound services, we would be delighted to have you and your organization join our family.
Radio and Film Audio Production
Audio for film and radio production has included WCSH6 Local 207, The Work of a 1000, WERU Community Radio, Epsilon Films and others.  If you are in need of obtaining high-quality input for your production please contact us.  Wireless technologies and solar capabilites gives Sound of Perfection the opportunity to follow the production anywhere.  We work with local musicians as well if you require assistance in finding the right musical accompaniament.

  1. Perpetual e-Motion
    Epsilon Films spotlight of Perpetual e-Motion. Ed Howe and John Cote
Pro Audio Sales & Installer
My years of playing music has put me in the very need of pro audio.  Not being fully satisfied with what was being offered I tirelessly researched equipment available to find highly portable very high-end, and hand crafted gear.  My education is in electronics, my passion is music thus the result of a skilled sound engineer was born.  Sound of Perfection works with you and your venue, the space is very important.  What are your needs?  We listen to you and offer advice on the latest as well as the time tested technologies available.  We  demonstrate the equipment helping make it a real experience.  We expect complete satisfaction with your equipment and installation from our services.
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